Corkcicle Canteen 16oz – Gloss White



“Lines of Hope” Design

In the elegant marriage of minimalism and symbolism, our Corkcicle design embodies “Lines of Hope.” Within its flat icon and delicate lines, we’ve woven the elements of trees, sky, and water. These lines represent not only the beauty of nature but also the promise of a better world. Just as lines converge to form a cohesive whole, our design reminds us that small actions can converge to create meaningful change. With each sip from this Corkcicle, you’re holding a vessel of hope—a tangible reminder of the positive impact we can collectively create.

Designed by : SUPERKIJ
Adhi Nugraha, born and raised in Yogyakarta and known as SUPERKIJ, boasts an impressive 8-year career as a skilled Graphic Designer and Logo Designer. His expertise lies in the realms of hand lettering, typography, artistic lines, and vector graphics.



Corkcicle Canteens are available in an array of sizes and trend-inspired colors. Plus, they keep drinks ice cold for 25 hours or warm for 12. Made of 18/8 Stainless Steel and completely BPA Free.

Triple-insulated stainless steel
BPA free
Leak-proof cap
Signature easy-grip flat sides
Non-slip bottom
Wide mouth for ice cubes

16oz (475 ml): 24 x 6 cm

Botol minum / Tumbler / Gelas stainless steel tahan dingin hingga 25 jam, tahan panas hingga 12 jam. Cocok untuk air mineral, jus, smoothies, kopi, teh dan berbagai minum es/ panas lainnya.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 30 cm
Bantu Berbagi

Corkcicle Only, Corkcicle + Donation 250K, Corkcicle + Donation 500K, Corkcicle + Donation 750K, Corkcicle + Donation 1000K


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